Internet Marketing Agency

Sindiwithans Marketing is a provider of marketing communications services to help your business grow.  We're made up of a Chief Marketing Strategist, Sindi Lindberg, who partners with other talented, communication oriented, technology minded companies and individuals to provide full service marketing packages. Together, our specialties range from content and campaign creation to digital assets and technology.

To say that we’re passionate about our clients is an understatement. We’re the geeks who go to sleep thinking about our clients’ businesses and the nerds who wake up in the morning still thinking. Those people put their marketing challenges, their ideas, their problems and their hopes and dreams in our hands and count on us. They count on us to get it right. And we do.

Here’s what we believe are the keys to success:

    •    Always do great work
    •    Work with really smart people who know more than you do
    •    Give back all that you can
    •    Make a difference
    •    Have fun
    •    Don’t take on clients we don’t like, market products that we don’t believe in or agree to do the work if we don’t think we can be successful. (because that would make all items 1-5 all but impossible)