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Headway Even Better WordPress Premium Theme with Tabs+


Headway is my favorite premium WordPress theme because it allows me to create completely customized, amazing, WordPress websites quickly and easily.

That’s my thing. There are too many things to do in a day so if a tool can help me get more things done, I’m excited to share it with you. Headway is one of those tools. For a complete overview of the benefits of this theme, read an overview of Headway’s best bits.

Yes, this is an Internet marketing blog, not a design blog, so of course Headway has the most complete SEO of any premium WordPress theme or we wouldn’t use it. For the price, which is $87 for a personal license that allows for two websites, Headway is a great value because it allows it allows us to create every page with a unique layout. The best feature of Headway is the Visual Editor, which provides the drag-and-drop layout editing and complete design customization. If you’re a developer, you can get pretty deep into the customization and functionality that Headway offers. Of course, if you’re a developer, you’re probably not reading this blog, but just in case – you can view the Addons API, for building skins and leafs, in the Headway developer resources. 

By no means does one need to be a developer to enjoy the Headway Theme though! It’s creators are constantly making updates (which are provided free with your license) to increase its functionality and ease of use. And developers are building addons for this theme like the one we got this week:  Tabs+ One more reason I love Headway! 

Tabs+ comes from Headway developer, Chris Howard – known for the extremely useful Excerpts+ and Gallery+ leafs – and it provides new horizontal and vertical tabbed and accordion layouts within the content of your pages. Tabs+ also lets you group your widgets to minimize the space they take up in the sidebar!  I can’t wait to start using this amazing plugin for Headway, but until we have some web ready examples of our awesomeness, I'll direct you to Chris’ Heaway Leafs Demos site to preview it.

Highlights of Tabs+

• Layouts:  Vertical and horizontal tabs; Vertical accordions
• Content types:  Posts (Full/Excerpt), Pages, Widgets
• Thumbnails in tabs
• Option for tab titles to display Text, Numbers or Bullets
• Custom text for tab titles
• Tabs can be changed by: Mouse click; Mouse hover; Double click; or Automatically
• Tabs and panels styling
• Background styling can take gradients in form either  ”StartColour, EndColour”; “StartColour,MidColour,EndColour”; or  ”StartColour,MidColour,EndColour. MidPoint%”
• Background styling can take full background CSS. eg background: -moz-linear-gradient (top, #87e0fd 0%, #05abe0 100%); (I recommend you use the CSS Gradient generator)

Visit Headway Themes to customize your WordPress blog or website. Or contact us to build your custom website with WordPress and Headway today - like I said, it's quick and easy. And completely custom. Call us at 877-PAGE-TOP (877-724-3867) to inquire.

This is an example of Tabs+ with Headway on WordPress:

Tabs Headway Best WordPress theme resized 600



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