Internet Branding Helps People Find You Online


The first step of a successful (and long term) social media plan is to grab your brand everywhere you can, regardless of whether or not you plan to use it. It’s important that you have control of your identity all over the Web.  It’s always better to have the username and not use it, then need to wait and kick yourself later when someone else grabs it. Having a unified social media username is very important in establishing trust with other members (and potential press contacts) who may belong to multiple communities with you.

YouTube is a Website where you can browse videos, but it’s also a search engine.  Facebook is an online community where you can update your friends, but it is also a contributor to search engine rankings for websites, as is Twitter.  So by using all of these tools in conjunction, you can get found by more customers and increase sales if you manage your reputation appropriately.  Maintaining brand continuity among the online social networks is key to being effective because it provides credibility and helps your customers and prospects to recognize you instantly. You want them to know that you’re the same person.  Appearing as [experttalker] on one network and [keynotespeaker22] on another may confuse them.

To help ease the mind numbing task of username registration, we suggest using Knowem to search a large listing of social media sites. One search will tell you where your brand is still available on 120 different social media sites. 


Branding and Social Media

Your brand needs to be consistent across all platforms of traditional and digital media and we can help you achieve this. The following example shows one of our client's full internet branding properties across the Web; with a website build on WordPress (with the Headway Theme) including a blog and a store, a twitter page to promote new content, a Facebook Page to converse with fans, and a YouTube Channel to show what they do best at Talk Sporty To Me. View this fully branded internet portfolio here. 


Contact SindiwithanS today to find out how to get started.  Not on the social media wave yet?  That's alright, call us to find out how we can help you establish your place in the social sphere, or visit our Social Media Managment page to learn more about what we do.