Leads & Marketing Effectiveness

Every lead generated by your advertising should be tracked back to it’s source so you can maximize your marketing ROI.

Leads From Landing Pages & Forms

A Website should generate, capture and convert leads for your business. Sharing useful information on your website, in the form of ebooks and whitepapers will bring leads from search engines in the form of people who are searching for your expertise or what you do best. By sharing this content in exchange for contact details, you can build your list and communicate with prospects through email marketing and newsletters.  

Growing Your Following on Social Media

Sharing useful information on your website, via your the blog or news section will bring leads from search engines in the form of people who are searching on the problems to which you can provide the solutions.  

Social media platforms such as; YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can all serve as channels to for your business to interact and share with your customers and gain new leads and prospects.  You gain a following and more people can learn about your products and services.

Tracking Leads From Telephone Calls

Many types of businesses rely on the telephone to connect with customers and prospects.  Using telephone call tracking on your website allows you to capture these leads. You can with phone call tracking; a technique in which you deploy individual phone numbers in each advertising source, including web, print, TV, radio, and more. These phone numbers track each phone call, text message, or click, in some cases, down to a specific ad, web page, or keyword. By tracking these encounters, you can measure the success of each marketing tactic you deploy and therefore enhance the overall performance of your campaigns.

Pulling it all together - Your website is a showcase for the world to see what you do and how you do it better than your competition.  This showcase needs to be updated regularly to tell the world how you are doing it best by blogging and providing offers of whitepapers and ebooks.  This new content is shared through the search engines and social media and you can collect leads through web forms, landing pages, and telephone calls. To learn more about complete marketing strategies that are focused on lead cultivation, read our inbound marketing page.