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What are Social Media?

Social media are the conglomeration of the web technologies and platforms that allow anyone and everyone to share information and engage in conversations.

Social media marketing allows for on-demand, real time interaction and enables genuine engagement with people rather than simply sharing data with them.  It’s the opportunity to funnel information to users from all angles, on their time and in their element.


Why do I need to use social media for my business?

Social media and social media marketing aren’t just fads, they are here to stay. Through the Internet, the world is open and connected and social media allow for you to tap into the new “web” order by engaging with people one-on-one to build relationships. Take the second most popular website in the world, Facebook, for example; where 6% of search engine traffic is directed to the site and users look at an average of 16 pages per day. The time spent in a typical visit to Facebook is roughly 32 minutes, with 37 seconds spent on each page view. 1 People are on the social web, so your business should have an interactive presence there too.

  • Awareness building – Traditional media is costly and often results in a ROI that is only acceptable to big businesses with big marketing budgets.  Let’s face it; there is too much advertising out there.  Social media allow businesses of all sizes to break through the clutter to target specific audiences and build brand awareness.

  • Building brand preferences – To truly outshine your competition, think about differentiating yourself. Social media can augment your offering to create a new category or subcategory for your products and services that’s specific to what you do best. This new category has a community that would provide not only functional benefits but also emotional, social, and self-expressive benefits.

  • Loyalty and advocacy – When your customers see that you are on the same platforms they are, communicating with them on their level, they’ll support you by making you a part of their network, recommending you and interacting with you online.  

  • CRM – Monitoring and interacting on social media let your business take the lead role in reputation management. You’ll have the opportunity to respond directly to reverberate compliments and, more importantly, alleviate complaints.

Why do I need an agency to manage my social media?

Businesses that market their products and services on the web are engaging in social media to connect with prospects and current customers.  This has to be done on the users’ schedule, not the business’.  Your prospects and customers are on the social web 24/7/365 because they can be and you’re expected to be there right with them.

Managing your web presence is not only key to manage your business’ reputation but also to take advantage of opportunities.  People will call and email you, but they’ll also write about you in blogs, tweet about you, mention you on Facebook, and comment on websites where you are mentioned. If you are present and engaging in the conversation, customers will become fans and you will grow your customer base.

From choosing the social networks that are appropriate for your business to keeping them all up to date, your social media strategy is unique to your business and your target customer.  It’s a daily task to maintain a presence on the web and you will benefit from a social media marketing expert who has the knowledge, experience, tools, and ability to speak in your voice.  By hiring someone to manage your social media, your time will be left to spend running and growing your business, as it should be.   

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